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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 17, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> protests across pakistan as the number killed in the bombing rises to more than 80. demanded better protection and the interior minister tells us the government is doing everything it can. hello. you're watching al-jazeera live from london. also coming up -- >> gunmen have kidnapped seven foreign workers in the northern states of nigeria. >> cousin marking its sixth birthday as an independent state. we talk about the challenges they face -- kosovo marking its
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sixth birthday. catholicse blesses for the first time since announcing his resignation. >> hello and thank you for joining us. the $1 million reward offered for the capture of a group carrying out a deadly attack in pakistan. more than 80 people killed in an explosion in a busy area. shias there, and those across pakistan, are demanding the government do more to stop the attacks. >> a strong message. stop the killing of shias. this is in response to saturday's bombing targeted a shia bazaar. they're giving them 48 hours to
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arrest the culprits before they take action. >> we want to register our protests. we demanded to noticed of the blasts. they need to find those responsible for such acts of terrorism. >> the group has claimed responsibility for this attack and another earlier this year. they're angry there not being protected. >> the government does not do enough to protect us. tomorrow, they die and that will be enough. >> we have spoken with the intelligence agencies. to get theot able correct information on how they came in with the smaller tank and how it was destroyed. >> it appears the military and
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historyrnment has had a of fighting terrorism. an offshoot and supporter of the taliban, they want them to either join them in islam or leave. province ingest pakistan, rich natural resources, yet there remain poor. there have been many such romans over the last 60 years. the most recent started in 2006 after an influential leader was killed by the army. hundreds of activists have gone missing since then. some believe the security forces want to disappear, something the government denies. after last month's bombing, they've demanded more security and refused to bury them in protest. there responded by firing the regional government promising that a clearly has not happened.
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they said the government is unable or unwilling to stop the violence. al-jazeera. minister of the interior told al-jazeera they will do their duty to protect the community. >> we will find them, whoever they are. according to our intelligence, what ever is coming in is coming from southern punjab and iran. we have started exercising control. all possible measures will be taken. some kind of a group from abroad is sponsoring them. we do not have that capability
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and someone is aiding them. whoill make it public as to is creating at these big disasters. what we're thinking now, we will be dividing this up exactly like we have done before. every second they do the same thing. zoning, they're doing well. the government is very serious. they're being made a target. they are the victims. they feel sorry. obviously those trying to destabilize pakistan through sectarianism say they have a plan and it has been going on for the past two years.
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>> the pakistan's interior minister speaking with us earlier. but across now to islamabad. the interior minister they're saying that they are taking every possible measure to provide security. we heard from the shia community that they feel unprotected. how'd you think the words of the minister will go down? very controversial interior minister. he has been saying similar things for the last five years and one must question that there is less than one month left for this government, so what kind of magic solution he will come out with, it will be something that we will have to wait and see. however, the community has rightfully said this is a government that has failed miserably. just a little over one month ago when there were the dead the twin bombings that killed up to
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100 shias, they staged a sit-in in with the dead bodies of those who were killed and they demanded that the province should be put under governor's role. they demanded the government send the prime minister in to it the escalate the crisis. they handed the province over to the governor and there was an expectation that the security situation would improve. that has not happened. there are rightfully angry, but it is also the people across pakistan or angry because ordinary citizens do not have the kind of security. >> we have seen protests. are we likely to see these grow? also, there is a strike planned, if i am not wrong. >> absolutely. look at what happened just a little over a month ago when they decided to stage a sit-in the weather and
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demanding the resignation of the government. that prompted a community members and civil society members, leaders across pakistan to rally around and start waging the same kind of sit in's and it brought this almost to a crisis situation where the government had to bend backwards and accept the demands. if this is not handled properly, this has the recipe for spreading across the country once again. >> kumal, thank you. let's go to nigeria and our seven foreign workers have been kidnapped after they were stalling for gunmen. a security guard was also killed. the kidnapping took place in
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balouchi, a region that has seen frequent shootings over recent months. in the northern states it had launched a massive manhunt for kidnappers of these construction workers. earlier, unknown gunmen attacked a prison and a police station but they were killed by security forces. they traded cars with the aim of incapacitating the police to not respond to any emergency. .hey then launched an attack they killed a night watchman and fled into the night. they have seen their fair share of violence following the outbreak of violence in northeast nigeria. but no one has claimed responsibility for the recent attack.
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border also close to the with troubled states. security officials are warning that criminal elements in the north are also cashing in on low-level of insecurity in northern nigeria to promulgate criminal activity in the region. >> french troops have started pulling out from mali one month after the offense to drive out the rebel fighters from the north began. timbuktu was retaken by french forces. france as they will withdraw all military units by march. the u.n. and arab league envoy to syria brahimi has called for talks between the government and the opposition. he mentioned the secretary general -- he met with the secretary general and the offered to meet with certain government representatives,
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those not involved with the violence. he says this could open the door to a peaceful solution. that a dialogue should take place between the opposition and and and except a delegation from the syrian government. we think this is a start to getting out of the dark tunnel syria has gone into. >> they could be entering into talks of long as they were held inside syria. >> i can ever want to join in the political process to save syria. we have offered all the needed guarantees to make the process successful. >> there are reports that 650 soldiers and officers deserted from the syrian military on saturday. the rebel base around the capital damascus is a rebel stronghold. most men are required to serve in the army for two years when they turn 18 or after finishing university. more to come on al-jazeera
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including 26 people killed in a series of bombings in the iraqi capital. paul brennan in >> there reminder of our top stories. members of the pakistan's shia community are protesting demanding that the government do more to stop attacks by groups. seven foreign workers kidnapped from a construction site in jama'are in nigeria. the region has seen frequent kidnappings and shootings in recent months. collins for talks between the syrian government and the opposition, brahimi met with the secretary general of the arab league and made the comments in cairo. at least eight car bombs
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detonated in shia areas have killed at least 26 people. no one is taking responsibility and security officials are blaming the attacks on al qaeda. in the middle of the morning at the start of the workweek, a car bomb is coordinated. this is what it looks like after one bomb is detonated in the .hia area through andb ripped other market of a lot of the attacks targeted security forces, these were aimed at civilians. >> what have these innocent people done to deserve this box >> explosion after explosion, they have asked themselves that same question for most of the last 10 years. volatile particularly time in iraq with tension on the ground between sunni and the
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shia-led government. security forces here are on high alert, but it has not stopped the attack. al-jazeera, baghdad. >> the man in charge of international forces of afghanistan say reducing civilian casualties is a priority. general joseph dunford reacting to hamid karzai's decision to ban on security forces from speaking -- seeking nato air support following the death of the 10 people last week. we are amicable with more. nato andw commander of american forces here, general heredunford says he understands hegen. joseph dunford says understands the new policy.
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he is meeting this afternoon with his afghan counterparts to work out the modalities of victory on the ground. under afghanistan is afghan security force's lead. we have a lot of joint operations going on. this is after an air strike on wednesday left 10 afghan civilians dead. president karzai said it was called in by his arm afghan security forces, his own intelligence forces, and that this is intended to stop those kinds of things from happening. ineral dunford says this is line with what general allen, his predecessor, implemented over one year ago. the general says protecting civilians is what it is all about and he is working with his
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afghan counterparts to implement this new presidential decree as tens of thousands of nato forces will be leaving afghanistan and the afghans will take the lead in securing the country for the afghan people. >> in egypt, thousands of people have blocked government buildings during protests in port sayed. 30 people were killed following unrest erupted in january after a court sentenced 21 people to death in a fight against rival football supporters. benjamin netanyahu has appealed to the media to keep security services out of the public spotlight. this follows reports dr. a prisoner was trying to kill himself in an israeli prison. he wants to stop the media on prisoners.
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are acting with endless devotion and commitment in order to enable us to live in this country. i completely trust the authorities in the state of israel. the security and intelligence forces are acting under a supervision. >> four foreigners have been arrested in benghazi on suspicion of being christian missionaries. spreading christianity is a crime in the muslim country and the group is being investigated for distributing religious books. >> we found a print shop in benghazi city. we found 45,000 christian books and there were four different .ountries, sweden, south africa maybe not all are involved in proselytize in. we're still investigating.
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by year since come so unilaterally announced their independence from serbia -- 5 years since kosovo declared independence. one third of the citizens live on less than $1 per day. almost half the people are unemployed. organized crime and a reduction of our problems for the youngest european state. >> the anniversary march was small but significant. officially, the constitution limits security forces to emergency response, but in front of the invited ranks of international diplomats, military uniforms and the inclusion of a special forces unit sending indeliberate message. this is a fledgling army in all but name. the significance was not lost on
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the crowd. know anything happened, i we are say fear and we have our army. from extremely proud. absence,cuous by their any trace of the veterans of the conflict of the 1990's. their presence was agreed to be unnecessary for the country trying to move forward. >> we're building a new vision for our country and people, a vision of an international future. newborn monument was unveiled on independence day five years ago. it has been repainted as blogs of the countries around the world which have recognized their independence. the road since 2008 has been paved with good intentions. 1.7 a population of million, unemployment is 45% and
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rising. the average monthly wage is $387. this day is cause for celebration, especially for this young woman. she was the first baby to be born in the newly independent kosovo. her name is the albanian work for independence and she'll become the symbol of a new generation. >> when she was born in, she was only able to cry. national and learned to walk and talk. in a similar way, we need to grow will develop. kosovo will she see when she grows up? for now, she's just looking forward to a good party. >> today i am five, she sings.
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make it live on forever. paul brennan, xhosa though, al- jazeera. >> the british garment is accused of knowing since 2011 that horse meat was in the market. they warned ministers it was happening in this has rocked consumer confidence as horse of dna was found in several beef products. voting is underway in the presidential election in ecuador. the incumbentd will easily remain his seat. his social and economic programs have made him a popular leader. he enjoys it approval rating of nearly 85%. we are in the capital with an update. people are slowly showing up. we have seen people in wheelchairs', blind people.
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they're bringing disabled people to be able to bring in to come and vote. half a million people will be voting on sunday. he could easily win a third term. he has between 50%-60% according to exit polling. they're heavily guarded all around the country. why is a popular? he has invested heavily in social programs like schools. he has invested $5 billion in building highways all across the country. he is perhaps one of the most significant. but there giving cash handouts to the people. $60 per month for poor people, single mothers, people over 65 and 2 million people receive these cash paradox every month. heaney's 3.5 million votes to win the election.
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>> people are converging on washington time a d.c., to take part in what they are billing as "the largest current rally in u.s. history." they want president obama to do more to protect the environment. alan fisher is there. make it toeople will the national mall to protest against climate change. they say the warning signs are already there. hurricanes and the teaching everyone the problems ahead for the united states. what brings you here on a very cold day to the national mall? >> i have children. i worry about their future. i'm not about climate change for 30 years because my husband is a scientist. other than not eating meat and riding a bicycle, what can we possibly do? i was compelled to become a political activist about two years ago a and he is here with me today to be part of the crowd to help get obama
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energized to bring change, even if congress will not. the best way to change the climate is with a carbon tax. >> many people say here barack obama has done a reasonable job and it comes to confronting climate change but he could be doing more. faugh and won him to stop pushing off from behind to do more to alter the course of america and the world -- they want him to stop pushing up from behind. >> pope benedict addresses those in st. peter's. he said. for thousands who gathered -- he thanked the thousands who gathered. he'll make his final address at the end of the month. out on ag and staring vast, cheering crowd, the jewish
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and sunday noon appearance of the vote. sunday noonitional appearance. this to be his first address senses shocking announcement six days ago. there were banners held aloft in the square. unlike his resignation speech, this time his voice sounded clear and strong. he spoke in several languages. to pray for crowd him and the next pope. then in italian, he expressed gratitude. thank you. your presence is a sign of your affection. i am deeply grateful and i think the administration of rome, the mayor, and everyone in this lovely and benevolence city. >> it is an immense the historic week for the catholic church and
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now the faithful are expressing their emotions in sheer numbers. st. peter's square is overflowing. as people arrived, many of the crowds expressed emotion. >> we have come to say goodbye. we were here in the square when he was elected and we have come back for his penultimate sunday. >> i came from naples especially for this. i could have seen it on television, but i think being present in person as important for those of the faith to believe. uncertain, and secure. affected him. he seems weak. >> his final departure is less than a fortnight away. he flies out of the vatican on the february 28th and he will
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stay in his final residents for two months. he will be withdrawing from the historic events of electing his successor and he will return
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